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The Rocker Shop will be closed Saturday, January 19 through Monday, January 21 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


Faculty plays a larger role than you might recognize in ensuring students are able to obtain the textbooks and materials they need at reasonable prices. The Rocker Shop relies on you, the instructors and faculty, to submit textbook lists for your courses in a timely fashion each semester. Timely lists allow us to source the correct textbooks and obtain an appropriate supply of used textbooks. We all know that more used textbooks are exactly what students want!

On the other hand, a delayed textbook list can result in inventory shortages, students unable to obtain required texts and a complete lack of quality used textbooks.

Please do your part and submit your textbook lists as earlier as possible each semester. Your students will thank you!

If you have any questions, please select the button below to contact the Rocker Shop.

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Course Materials Changing Landscape

More than ever, publishers are changing their content delivery methods. Options available may impact your course material adoption. Regardless of delivery method, the correct content will be made available to your students. The Rocker Shop is here to help!

To assure the full range of course material options are available to you, Summer and Fall 2018 adoptions must be submitted to the Rocker Shop by April 1, 2018. Adoptions are accepted after this date but fewer options may be available to you.

Depending on your adoption, the options below may be available to you and your students.

    Traditional Delivery Option
  • Purchase Books: New or used titles available in hardcover, paperback, and loose-leaf
  • Rent Books: Available on select titles
  • Digital Book Version: Available on select titles at the Rocker Shop
  • Access Codes: Book bundled with code or access code only
  • Print On Demand (POD): Not stocked by the publishers; requires longer delivery time; no returns - high risk title
    First Day Access/Inclusive Access - The #1 Trend in Course Material Delivery
  • 100% available on or before the first day of class to you and your students
  • More affordable course materials - savings up to 40%!
  • Print options available on select titles
  • Rocker Shop coordinates services
  • Check out this video to hear what faculty at Texas A&M University had to say about First Day Access.
  • For more information, check out our First Day Access page or contact Jennifer Bauer at the Rocker Shop.
    Mandatory Publisher Rental
  • Transaction completed by the Rocker Shop
  • No purchase available - dictated by publisher
  • Publisher determines titles to be rented - Rocker Shop has no say
  • You will be notified if your adoption fits into this category
    Custom Publication
  • Custom printed course notes and material
  • Allow 4-6 weeks lead time for approval and production
    Open Educational Resources (OER)

The Rocker Shop facilitates all these options for you and is here to help you navigate through this new landscape. For more information, contact the Rocker Shop.

Answers to 3 Big Faculty Questions About Adoptions

    Why order books for a new semester when the term has just begun?
  • Book prices hinge on supply and demand. Early adoptions allow students to buy and sell books at prime times when they can save the most or get the best prices. They also give students access to more used books. Studies show students are less likely to buy books — and be prepared for class — if prices are high.
    Why would my students want to sell their books?
  • Textbook costs have soared 73% in recent years. Many students are food insecure. Some are at risk of homelessness. The $50 savings a student receives from a used book or a timely adoption could be his or her grocery money. It could also be money needed for books next semester.
    Why would early orders help my students get more money back for their books?
  • When you order early, the bookstore knows whether the text will be in demand on campus, and it can offer a higher price for the text than students would get from an outside vendor. The best deals are available locally. Don’t forget: the additional $50 a student makes from that book might be the different between paying December rent — or not.

Updated as of 06/2018